Motion Poster (Moster)

3 Potential Events and Descriptive Words:

Bikini Kill Event Poster| grunge, punk, feminist, d.i.y, messy.

Sister Corita Kent| bright, bold, font heavy, strong shapes, colorful.

Emo Night Event Poster| Y2K, 2004 emo, dark colors, hardcore, vintage.



6 Roughs:

The colors are showing up way darker than how I have them looking in Illustrator.

This screenshot better shows the accurate colors I used when creating these roughs.

Exercise 6:

3 Static Posters:

For these revisions, I based all of my changes on the comments made by classmates in the PowerPoint critique. Especially focusing on things that were mentioned more than once. I also picked the 3 posters that I wanted to revise and post based on which three were most well-received by the group in the crit. For the first poster, I didn’t get feedback to change too much, but I enlarged some of the cursive type on the pink brush stroke to hopefully enhance its readability. For the second poster, I added a yellow hue around/on Sister Corita’s outfit, trying to create more subtle visual interest. And for my third revision, I did a handful of color and type placement experiments, because most people were worried about readability, especially with everything happening visually in the poster. So, I wanted to present a couple of options and see which one works best.

Keywords: vibrant, eyecatching, bold, joyful, intriguing, happy, fun, pastiche.

Motion Test 1:

Motion Poster Final:




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