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4 min readOct 11, 2020


Big Idea:

The topic I am choosing to use for this project is “The Basics of the Zero Waste Movement and How it Helps our Planet.” The way this lifestyle is promoted makes it feel unattainable and unaffordable, which makes those who want to change their waste habits feel it is impossible. I want my audience to be able to easily understand the information I present to them without feeling overwhelmed. And I want the concept of Zero Waste living to feel attainable for everyone. There are ways to live waste-free and not break the bank, but if we continue to depict this movement like its something for only the wealthy we will never see change.

Narrative Script and 5 Sentences:

Did you know that 139 million tons of waste end up in U.S. landfills every year? That is enough to fill 55 football fields! Or 55,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. The Zero Waste Movement strives to combat this issue. Whether its reusable products or boycotting single-use plastics everyone can take part in this lifestyle! Here are some tips to help you get started! Find the biggest source of waste in your life, whether its plastic bags or leftovers, and attempts to find a reusable alternative…Do not throw away all your single-use stuff before it runs out. This is a process, so it is okay if it takes a while…. See if there are any wholesale or eco-friendly markets around where you live. Bring your own containers and get everything you need! This is a big change, and it doesn’t happen overnight, you don’t have to be completely zero waste to make a difference. The earth appreciates every step we take in the right direction.



Exercise 5:

Audio Selection:

I will be doing a combination of Voice-Over and Music, for this project.

Here is my audio selection:

2 Second Motion Test:

10 Second Motion Test:

Final Infographic:

The topic I chose for this project is how to get started in a Zero Waste Lifestyle. The way this lifestyle is promoted makes it feel unattainable and unaffordable, which makes those who want to change their waste habits feel as though it is impossible. With this video, I wanted to convey that going zero waste is not only for the wealthy or privileged, it is for everyone. I wanted to present these tips in a non-judgemental way, that would make the viewer feel as though they weren’t being shamed or mocked for not already participating in zero waste living. With something as important as the wellbeing of our planet, we cannot gatekeep such simple and life-changing information, it should be attainable to all.
I chose to keep the color palette fun and bright because sometimes the minimal color palette of tans and grays that is usually associated with the zero waste movement can be intimidating. And that is the exact opposite of how I wanted this work to feel. Type wise, I kept it very minimal, only using Gibson in semi-bold for all of the subheadings. This typeface was very simple and open, with no harsh lines, only soft curves. I felt it effectively emphasized the welcoming, laidback feeling I was trying to evoke throughout this video.