Kinetic Typography: Ideation

abbigayle day
3 min readAug 23, 2020

Thumbnails and Ideations:

Here are some rough thumbnails and ideations. The first picture shows a short thumbnail for each audio I was considering. Then the middle picture shows the thumbnails for the audio I actually ended up choosing. Then the last picture shows some ideation and brainstorming I was considering about each of my audio selections individually.

Audio Links:

audio 1(chosen audio):

audio 2:

audio 3:


I know we only needed to make moodboards for out chosen audio, but I really enjoy making moodboards so I make one for each audio haha! The largest one with the old men pairs with my chosen audio.

Type Exploration:

Audio Transcript:


For this last styleframe, I wasn’t sure which direction worked best with the content. So, I posted both.


Motion Test:

Exercise 1:

15 Second Motion Test:

Exercise 2:

30 Second Motion Test:

Final P1 Kinetic Typography:


The audio I chose for my kinetic typography assignment was from a Broadway show called “OH, hello!” about two elderly men and their journey to stardom. As a whole, the show can get a bit raunchy, but for the most part, it’s really just a wholesome comedy following two best friends and their antics. The show uses very warm, and natural colors to create an incredibly unique retro feel. The way these characters dress and speak is very indicative of a time long since passed, and that’s exactly what I wanted to convey with my color palette and typographic decisions. For my main typeface’s I chose Futura PT and Futura PT Condensed, as well as Courier New and Lust to help emphasize and contrast certain parts of the audio. Along with this, because the scene plays out so quickly in such a short amount of time, I needed typefaces that could get a viewers attention, while still being readable. In regard to, Futura, there’s just something about it that exudes this comforting feeling while still being so geometric and precise. It’s almost familiar in a way, which I really appreciate and felt paired nicely with the clip and its subject matter. While providing a lot of aesthetic value I also wanted my design choices to correspond appropriately and enhance the feelings that may be brought out through this audio.