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abbigayle day
5 min readApr 14, 2021

Final Project | Corp. ID | Spring 2021

I will be using the logo I created for the Museum of Sex as the base for the following project.

10 Letterhead Examples:

10 Business Card Examples:

3 Questions:

Are there any modifications that you think I should make to my original logo, in order to make it stronger?

Is the color palette still working for everyone? I know it's somewhat muted, do you think that could be a challenge going forward with branding?

I’m thinking about doing a subtle gradient on the back of the letterhead. Do you guys think this is a good idea and do you think the current color palette would lend itself well to that choice?

Letterhead & Business Card Roughs:

Brand Guide First Rough:

First Finish:


Brand Guide Book:


Final Finish:

Letterhead and Business Card:


Brand Guide Book:

Book Mockups: